Row by Row Junior


Row by Row Junior

This year there is something new with the Row by Row Experience... Row by Row Junior.  It’s designed for kids ages 6 to 14.  They travel along with an adult, collect free row patterns designed just for them to make, and learn to sew with family help.

We have picked out two of the five patterns to have kits ready for you to take home and help your little one create their own Row by Row quilt.  We will have patterns of all five available for you.  

Row by Row Junior follows the same time schedule, June 21 through Labor Day.  Like adult Row by Row, children need to be present in the shop to get the free pattern handout, but anyone can buy a kit.  Grandmothers can buy them as Christmas presents.  Travelling family members can bring them home as gifts or   souvenirs.

Blue “I Made This!” ribbons will be awarded to the first five kids who return to a shop with something they’ve made using a Row by Row Junior pattern.  We want to celebrate any sewing effort not just quilting.  There will be red “I Made This” ribbons for our kids in Canada and the UK.

Want to learn more about the Row by Row Junior Experience? Be sure to visit the official website at There you will be able to find full details, more fun and links to Facebook pictures of the event.

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