Quilting Prep Checklist


  • Press all seams accordingly as you are piecing
  • Make sure all seams are secure
  • Clip all loose/long thread tails on the front and back of top.  Dark threads may shadow under lighter fabrics.
  • Puckers, tucks, and fullness cannot be quilted out.
  • Remove all pins.
  • If quilt top is directional, mark the top with a safety pin.
  • Tops without borders should be stay-stitched on the outside edges.
  • Press the top from the front side, taking care not to stretch and distort.
  • Pressing, clipping threads and other repairs will be charged an hourly rate.


  • Your quilt should be as square as possible.
  • Apply borders correctly so they do not incorporate extra fabric that will cause waviness.
  • Back stitch seams on outside edge of borders so they will not pull open when on frame.
  • Determine the length of the quilt border by averaging the distance of three center measurements.  Cut two borders that length and pin to opposite sides of the quilt, matching edges and centers.  Ease in the fullness.  Sew and press.
  • Determine the width of the quilt by averaging the distance of three center measurements.  Cut these borders that length and pin, easing in the fullness.  Sew and press.


  • Backing needs to be 8" larger than the quilt top (i.e., 60"x60" top would have a backing that is 68"x68").
  • The additional backing is needed to be pinned to the canvas leaders.
  • If seaming your backing, shorten your stitch length and use a 1/2" wide seam.  Press the seam open.
  • Square your backing and remove the selvages.  A backing that is not square will not properly roll on the backing bar and can cause unavoideable puckers or creases.
  • Cut selvages off the seam allowances that are going to be inside the quilt, because they can pull backing unevenly and create puckers during the quilting process.
  • Press the entire backing.
  • The shop has a variety of 110" backing fabrics.
  • Do not use a sheet - the thread count is too high for the needle to penetrate.


  • We carry Dream Cotton, Warm & Natural and Dream Poly.


  • We supply a variety of thread colors, including variegated.
  • If a darker bobbin thread is used, you will see very small "pokies" on the top of the quilt, it is not due to incorrect tension.

Quilting Designs

  • Pantographs are a pattern that is repeated across the quilt.
  • Meandering is a free-motion quilting, in a free form pattern.
Quilting Services

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